Porth Nanven photography

Porth Nanven

Porth Nanven Cove is situated at the end of the Cot Valley, Cornwall, and lies approximately 5 miles due north of Lands End. The cove has two small, rocky, west-facing beaches.

Also known as ‘Dinosaur Egg Beach’ because of the ovoid boulders covering the beach and foreshore. These boulders come in all sizes, from hen’s egg to a metre or more in length, they are legally protected by the National Trust which owns the beach.

The egg shaped boulders are the work of the sea, some 120,000 years ago. Sea levels have changed several times since then and are now much lower, causing the ancient beach to be suspended in the cliff high above the present level. Stand on the beach and look back towards the cliff, and you will see a wall of ‘Dinosaur Eggs’ waiting to break away and join those on the beach today.




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