Night Photography

low-light photo, Knill Monument

Recently I went to capture some after dark, low-light photos. It’s amazing how everyday objects look when the light of day has gone, they take on strange shapes and textures. It’s a great time to experiment and explore these effects, capturing the feeling created by natural and¬†artificial light in a scene. Most nights here have been foggy which adds an eerie spookiness to the images, high powered torches can create cool light beams that can be seen cutting into the darkness. Here is a small compilation from a couple of nights of playing (and stumbling) in the dark. I have loads to learn, composition, exposure, best settings for the D600 and I’m still looking to capture the Milky Way when the conditions are ideal, a clear moonless night far away from any light pollution, I have a couple of locations in mind so fingers crossed.

stop sign in the dark

stop sign

Night photography, self-portrait in Steeple Woods

self-portrait, Steeple Woods, Cornwall

low-light photography, moonlit causeway to St. Michaels Mount

moonlit causeway to St. Michaels Mount


Nikon D600, Samyang 14mm f/2.8 lens, Manfrotto 055CXPRO3 tripod, Giottos MH1311 ballhead and a cable release.

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