About Ian

Hello, my name is Ian Fears. I’m a freelance creative designer and front-end developer specialising in digital media with over 15 years experience. I like to create beautiful, pixel perfect websites and applications for nice people. I’ve always had a eclectic passion for music, including my own; composing, producing, recording and playing live. Before moving into web I worked on several large multimedia projects for some big name clients including Hasbro Toys, for whom I created a series of original short tunes and sound effects for their in-store touch screen kiosks. I also worked in print as a graphic designer for 3 years.

At the beginning of my online journey I stumbled upon Macromedia Flash, and was instantly hooked. My idols became Brendan Dawes, Joshua Davies, Erik Natzke, Yugo Nakamura… legendary Flash innovators who pioneered generative art – random beauty from computer code. I went to work, learning to code I began to experiment with the early versions of the Flash scripting language, then later ActionScript 2 and finally AS3. These skills gave me the opportunity to work on numerous websites and ‘microsites’ for bands and artists, promoting their releases. My client list includes Red Dwarf, V2 Music, Virgin.net, Easy Jet and Universal Music: 50 Cents, Oasis, REM, The Stereophonics, David Gray, Garbage, Eminem, James Blunt, Elton John, Marilyn Manson, Royksopp, Scissor Sisters, Snow Patrol, Groove Armada, Muse, Underworld…

Since then I have worked for Clockwork Web, a digital media agency based in West London, as senior web designer; thinkBDW in Soho, as Flash designer and developer, and Portland TV, Canary Wharf, London, as web designer working on material for their online adult entertainment channels.

Recently I have been responsible for the GUI designs, creative vision and overall look and feel of touch screen applications for major property developers in the London area. Hardware for these applications range from iPad to 55inch multi-touch surfaces.

When I’m Not Working

I luckily now live in beautiful Cornwall in the UK. With its sandy beaches, rugged coastline and stunning landscapes it provides endless opportunities to explore my love of photography. I love the ocean, the internet, great web design, my MacBook Pro, Cinema 4D, films, music, cameras, analog drum machines and synths, surfing, my dog – ‘Boo’, my cat – ‘Kit’, croissants, fresh ground coffee and ‘Crabbies’ Ginger Beer.

Feel free to check out my portfolio, read the blog and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have a project you’d like us to work together on, I’d love to hear from you.